Proper words in
proper places
is style.

Proper language in
proper situation
is success.









Translate Faithfully, Skillfully and Beautifully

KK Stone believes the real value of a translation company remains very much the same as that of a great translator: the ability to translate faithfully, skillfully, and beautifully.

As a translation and localization service provider, KK Stone stays focused on language competence and advanced technology, which, together with its unfailing trustworthiness and superior customer service, have made KK Stone highly respected in the industry.

A Total Solution Provider

We at KK-Stone are not just translators and writers of a foreign language. Our project managers, translators, editors, graphic designers, web/software localization engineers work as a team to provide total language solutions to meet your needs in promoting your products, services, and solutions in a foreign market.

We design, develop and deliver the language solutions you need by

  talking to your project manager to understand your needs, goal, process, resources, budget, and schedule;
  working out a projet schedule and production protocols with your project manager, content developer, graphic designer, reviewer, legal council, ad agency, printer, or web master;
  monitoring and tracking each step of the project, such as translation, review, graphic design, revision, blueline proofing, online review;
  designing and implementing quality control, progress control, cost control procedures;
  archiving and indexing finalized translations to be recycled for future use, to make your line of language products consistent.

One-Stop Services

With our one-stop services you can avoid the hassle of hiring a number of subcontractors to produce a single language product. Our services can include:

File preparations
Glossary compilation/Translation memory application
Graphic and typographic design/Desktop publishing
Web page design/Web site localization
Software localization
Pre-press proofing
Online review
Translation database maintenance

Regional and Cultural Differences

Languages evolve. If our client tells us:"Please translate the brochure into Chinese," we will need to find out from our client where the translation will be used. As linguistic experts, we know the fine differences in grammar, diction, usage and convention between different written Chinese forms used in different regions need to be respected so that your products and services as communicated through the correct language form will be well received in return.

Chinese for Mainland China Spanish for Spain French
Chinese for Hong Kong Spanish for Mexico French Canadian
Chinese for Taiwan Spanish for South America Haitian French
Chinese for Singapore Spanish for the U.S. market Swiss French
Chinese for the U.S. market